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Child Custody FAQ's

1. What are the different types of custody?Custody can be divided up into two parts, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody means that the parent has the ability to make the major decisions about the child’s health, education, safety and welfare. Physical custody refers to which parent the child

Alimony Reduction

1. Can alimony be modified?Alimony can be changed. However, it is not easy to convince a court to reduce alimony. Alimony only defines spousal support obligations of a spouse in the present. Spousal support duties are always subject to review and a modification of a “change of circumstances.” The seminal

Unmarried Relationships

1. Is there a “common law” marriage in New Jersey?There was a time when living together in a long-term relationship and acting as husband and wife was considered under the law to be equal to marriage. That was called common law marriage and it was abolished by statute in New

Child Support FAQ's

1. What is the child support?Every child is entitled to support from his parents. The New Jersey child support guidelines are based on the theory that child support is determined in proportion to the parent’s income and assets as well as the child’s needs. All parents, whether natural or adoptive,

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