The Point System

The MVC keeps track of individual driving records through a point system that assigns points to each traffic violation, moving or otherwise. The more serious the violation, the more points added to a driver’s records.Two points will be added to driving records for offenses committed in states that belong to

Motor Vehicle Point Reduction In New Jersey

Three ways points can be reduced and/or deducted:For every year of safe driving (no violations or suspensions), up to three points may be subtracted from your point total. This reduction of points occurs one year after:your last point violation; oryour license was restored; orthe last time annual safe driving points

Traffic Defense Frequently Asked Questions For New Jersey

When can my driver's license be suspended or revoked? Driving a car is considered a privilege-- and the State of New Jersey will not hesitate to take it away, if a driver behaves irresponsibly on the road. A State may temporarily suspend your driving privileges for a number of reasons, including:driving

Speeding Ticket FAQ’s

1. How do the police measure a driver’s speed?Generally, police use the following methods to catch you speeding:A visual estimate. The officer sees your car and estimates how fast you are going.Pacing. The police officer follows your vehicle at the same speed you are traveling and checks the police car’s

What you should know about traffic tickets

A DRIVER CAN LOSE THEIR DRIVER’S LICENSEIn New Jersey a traffic ticket is not a simple case. It is a big mistake just to pay the traffic summons just to get the case over with. The MVC also known as the DMV, will put points on your driving record. If