When Should I Contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Are you behind on your bills? Are you up to your neck in debt? Do bill collectors call you at morning, noon and night? Do you receive collection calls at work and then have panic attacks? Do you cringe when you open the mail? Is all of your mail the color red? Do you fight with your spouse over your unpaid credit card bills!

If this description sounds like your life, then it is important that you consider filing for bankruptcy now? Getting control of your debt and of your life is entirely possible. If you simply ignore or avoid your financial problems then this will only exacerbate your debt problems. The interest and late fees do not stop on your credit cards, and they go on and on like the Terminator. Knowing when you need to contact a bankruptcy lawyer is a very critical decision. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Knowing When to Consult a Bankruptcy Lawyer Could Make All of the Difference

  • If you are facing foreclosure or repossession, then contact a lawyer immediately.
  • If you have been sued or about to be sued, then contact a lawyer immediately.
  • If you have an IRS levy, a tax lien or a tax problem, then contact a lawyer immediately.

The above financial disasters are clear events that demand that you seek the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. However, there are some debtors who just don’t take the above type of financial disasters seriously. For whatever reason, some New Jersey-ites will avoid dealing with their debts until they are sued, their paycheck is garnished, their bank account is frozen from a bank levy, or the repo man has snatched their car.

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