I was arrested years ago but didn’t have jail time. Can I remove the record?

Do I have a record and if so is there anything I can do about it?

Even if you were wrongfully arrested you will have a record. It will be an arrest record not a conviction record, but a “record” nonetheless. If you only paid a fine you must have been found guilty and you will have a conviction record. The nature of the offense that you pleaded guilty to or that you were found guilty of committing is important. If you have been convicted for a serious offense, in New Jersey called indictable offense, you can not file a petition to expunge your record of arrest and conviction until 10 years after you complete your sentence, including paying your fines and completing probation, although there is an exception to this rule. Even being found guilty of a municipal ordinance will require that you wait at least 2 years from the date you complete your sentence to file an expungement petition. As you know having a criminal record can affect your ability to get a job or your ability to get into a college. Getting the correct legal advice from the right criminal attorney concerning the expungement of your record can make your life easier and can potentially save you heartache and money.

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